Saturday, 5 May 2012

An idea for SW:TOR's next May the 4th

I was a little disappointed that Bioware's celebration of Star Wars day basically consisted of a Fan Friday and a sale on the game. As someone who has owned the game from the moment it became available for purchase, buying a copy obviously doesn't interest me. The Fan Friday was cool I suppose (and grats to Dulfy for the community feature) but they've done it before, so it isn't something all that special.

I got to thinking: how do you celebrate something like Star Wars day in-game, anyways? I had a small discussion on Twitter with Psynister and B.J. Keeton about what would be a cool thing to do for it. Ultimately, I propose the following idea. Please bear in mind I have absolutely no background in game development, so this is just my own opinion of what I think would be cool.


An NPC on the fleet alerts you to a matter requiring your attention. A particularly-strong Dark Side nexus has been discovered on some backwater planet called Dagobah.

  • If you're Empire, you probably have an interest in acquiring greater power and it makes sense to check this out.
  • If you're Republic, perhaps the NPC suggests that you try to eliminate the corruption, or if you're a smuggler maybe indicate there might be valuables present.

You go to Dagobah on your ship. It need not be an entire planet. In fact, make it an instanced story area, in my opinion. This is something you should have to do alone. Make sure to have the eerie music, taken directly from Empire Strikes Back.

Then, you go into the cave...

"Only what you take with you."
This is where my idea gets a bit fuzzy. I propose:

  • If you aren't level 50, you face a force apparition of a prominent character from your storyline. Won't name names here since this would be spoilers for basically any class, but every class story I've played has a nemesis of some sort at any given point in the storyline. If there isn't a good one at a particular point in a character's storyline you can substitute a major faction leader like Satele or Malgus or something, or use the level 50 option below. The fight will scale to your level.
  • If you are level 50, you face a copy of yourself which is the opposite of your alignment. So if you're Dark side, you fight a Light-sided you. If you're Light side or Gray, you fight a Dark-sided you.
  • Before the fight begins, maybe you get some dialogue options to help you understand what is happening.

After the battle, you get a Force Ghost vanity pet! Perhaps, to make it unique, give it a limited duration and/or cooldown. 

I'd recommend making it a quest you can only do once, but let people have a couple days (starting on May the 4th) to complete it.

Why this?

I think this is one of the iconic moments from the series. It is a moment of introspection, mystery and darkness. It is a good example of why the mysteries of the Force are often seen as alien to normal people. 

In addition, since May the 4th plays off the word "Force", a force-focused event seems natural.

So what do you think? Would this be a cool in-game event? Do you have anything to add? Please leave me your comments below!

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