Monday, 5 March 2012

Yet Another Patch 1.2 Update

Another week, another community Q&A! It was a short one, so there isn't a lot to report - still, I'm going to update the list so we have a running tally before today's guild summit. You can catch my reactions on the summit on this blog throughout the day.

Confirmed to be in Patch 1.2 so far (confirmation from this week's Community Q&A in bold):
  • Ability to turn off the smart camera pivot
  • Crit-crafted orange items with augment slots
  • Legacy-unlocked ship customization
  • Ability to add offline characters to friends
  • Option to bypass orbital station and go straight to your ship
  • Crafting skill revamp for all crafting professions
  • Fixes to ability timings (mortar volley cited as an example)
  • The ability to extract base mods from purple gear (including set bonus)
  • Balance changes to healing classes (specifics unknown)
  • Force Bending/Conveyance fix for Sages/Sorcerers
  • Balance changes for 16-person Operations 
  • Warzone reward system revamp (bag system removed,  14 new objective-based medals)
  • Warzone deserter debuff added
  • Guild Banks
  • First Implementation of Legacy System 
  • UI Customization and Target of Target Frames
  • New and improved "Match Color to Chest" option (missing since beta)
  • A brand new warzone, and pre-season ranked warzones
Confirmed for the future, but not for Patch 1.2:
  • Grey/Neutral Alignment Gear
  • New mechanics that "will bring interesting changes" to the way we gear (sounds like augment slots or similar in all top-end gear)
  • Companion loot roll system
  • Enhanced LFG functionality
  • Mod comparison system
  • Hide/Display Hood option
  • Hide/Display Companion headgear option
  • Mobile app for companion crafting/mission skills
  • Dual Specialization
  • Cross-server Warzones and the ability to queue for specific Warzones
  • Character Transfers between servers
  • More rare items and treasure hunts (like the magenta adegan crystal)

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