Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Quick Burek-centric Update; or, Why I joined Section One

It's been a little while since I've indicated what I've personally been doing in-game, so I thought I'd update that first.

Originally, my plan was to form and maintain a guild in SWTOR and to field an 8-man raid made up wholly (or at least mostly) of my friends. <Dark Work> was formed as a result. Due to several of my friends quitting, I decided that I would find a guild for myself and my other friends who were still playing. It was with this goal in mind that I began searching the guild recruitment forums and hanging around in the fleet, scoping out our options.

My parameters were basically that I wanted a guild capable of fielding a raid, but without a strict or mandatory raiding schedule. I wanted a guild that did organized PvP and let their actions in PvP speak louder than their words. But most importantly, I wanted a guild with people that would make me want to log on and just shoot the breeze in addition to wanting to play SWTOR. I wanted a community, not just a guild.

I found this with Section One on The Fatman-US. The guild leader has been nothing but accommodating, the members are friendly and helpful and we all help each other out. The guild has a history dating back to SWG, so there are a lot of casual players who have been playing together for a while.

Since joining, I've been participating in raids, usually DPSing EV (since only one tank is needed) and tanking alongside my good buddy Nubosub (one of the people who came over from my old guild) in KP.

As an aside, if anyone on The Fatman-US is looking for a guild, we're accepting players of all levels. We're also looking for a couple more DPSers who are 50 and able to raid Sunday and Monday evenings (preferably an agent of some kind!). You can contact myself or Zerx in-game.

I'm also considering making the push to Battlemaster before Patch 1.2. I'm already really close.

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  1. I'm also glad to have join Section One and becoming a follower of the Great Burek ^__^