Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What we know about Patch 1.2 from another Community Q&A

Last week's community Q&A has confirmed yet more features for patch 1.2 as well as some features to be implemented in the future. I've decided to format it as in my last patch 1.2 post, and then at the end of each post I'll add everything together to keep a running tally.

Confirmed to be in Patch 1.2 so far (additions from this week's Community Q&A in bold):
  • Balance changes to healing classes (specifics unknown)
  • Force Bending/Conveyance fix for Sages/Sorcerers
  • Balance changes for 16-person Operations 
  • Warzone reward system revamp (bag system removed,  14 new objective-based medals)
  • Warzone deserter debuff added
  • Guild Banks
  • First Implementation of Legacy System
  • UI Customization and Target of Target Frames
  • New and improved "Match Color to Chest" option (missing since beta)
  • A brand new warzone, and pre-season ranked warzones

Confirmed for the future, but not for Patch 1.2:
  • Hide/Display Hood option
  • Hide/Display Companion headgear option
  • Mobile app for companion crafting/mission skills
  • Dual Specialization
  • Cross-server Warzones and the ability to queue for specific Warzones
  • Character Transfers between servers
  • More rare items and treasure hunts (like the magenta adegan crystal)

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