Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another Update on Patch 1.2!

Based on this week's Q&A, I've revamped the 1.2 post to include the updates. Enjoy!

Confirmed to be in Patch 1.2 so far (confirmation from this week's Community Q&A in bold):
  • Option to bypass orbital station and go straight to your ship
  • Crafting skill revamp for all crafting professions
  • Fixes to ability timings (mortar volley cited as an example)
  • The ability to extract base mods from purple gear (including set bonus)
  • Balance changes to healing classes (specifics unknown)
  • Force Bending/Conveyance fix for Sages/Sorcerers
  • Balance changes for 16-person Operations 
  • Warzone reward system revamp (bag system removed,  14 new objective-based medals)
  • Warzone deserter debuff added
  • Guild Banks
  • First Implementation of Legacy System 
  • UI Customization and Target of Target Frames
  • New and improved "Match Color to Chest" option (missing since beta)
  • A brand new warzone, and pre-season ranked warzones

Confirmed for the future, but not for Patch 1.2:
  • Companion loot roll system
  • Enhanced LFG functionality
  • Mod comparison system
  • Hide/Display Hood option
  • Hide/Display Companion headgear option
  • Mobile app for companion crafting/mission skills
  • Dual Specialization
  • Cross-server Warzones and the ability to queue for specific Warzones
  • Character Transfers between servers
  • More rare items and treasure hunts (like the magenta adegan crystal)

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