Monday, 12 December 2011

Welcome to Thrown Gauntlet

Welcome to Thrown Gauntlet! This blog's focus will be on Star Wars: The Old Republic, the upcoming game from Bioware and EA. Specifically, I'll be discussing current SWTOR news, raid content (called Operations in SWTOR), and the Juggernaut advanced class. I'll be discussing my own experience with the game, as well as my guild's. I'll sometimes address general MMO news, too.

Why start a blog at all? For one, I love writing. I love the discussion that inevitably comes with any MMO community. I also love the theorycrafting behind the pixels (though I promise to keep the extreme number-crunching off this blog's main page). I want to bring my own personal viewpoint on news regarding SWTOR, and help provide information to up-and-coming tanks and/or raid leaders.

Simply put, I want this to be an interesting place for players of SWTOR of any class or faction to read another player's opinion. I want to help those aspiring to tank or lead a raid. That I get to write all of this for you is just a bonus.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to Thrown Gauntlet.

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