Friday, 16 December 2011

SWTOR Tanking Basics

Since my Juggernaut is starting to feel more like a tank now that I've hit level 20 (more to come on that tomorrow), I decided it might be time to take a closer look at the secondary tanking stats and how they affect tanking. Please note, I've omitted Strength, Willpower, and Aim as these depend on the class of the tank in question.
  • Endurance: Increases health by 10 per point. Every 5 points also increases health regeneration out of combat by 1% (though this doesn't really matter as you can just use your out of combat heal).
  • Defense: Increases your chance to parry or deflect attacks. We can call this avoidance, as it means you stop the attack completely by avoiding it.
  • Shield: Increases your chance to prevent some damage with your personal shield generator. Unlike defense where you avoid the attack, your shield usually only absorbs part of an attack. We can call this mitigation, as it reduces the amount of incoming damage.
  • Absorption: Increases the amount of damage that you prevent when your shield activates. Again, this is part of your mitigation.
  • Armor: Decreases damage you take from kinetic and energy damage. Does not reduce internal or elemental damage.
As noted above, I'll be updating on my Juggernaut's progress tomorrow.

For the Empire!

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