Monday, 12 December 2011

Early Access breakdown

Taken from Reddit. Disclaimer: The numbers don't reflect EU or Digital Pre-orders.

Early Access officially begins tomorrow morning at 7 am EST, and in an attempt to make the largest MMO launch ever also the smoothest MMO launch ever players will be admitted in the order that their pre-order codes were redeemed on the website. From Stephen Reid (@Rockjaw), Senior Community Manager for SWTOR via Twitter:
 Stephen Reid 
Third: No, not *everyone* will get in tomorrow. We are strictly allowing people admittance by when they redeemed pre-order code.
It will be very interesting to see how the launch goes. I predict it will go smoothly, with perhaps a couple server resets as the servers take on increasingly larger loads. The above chart, taken from Reddit, shows the volume of pre-orders by time period. Feel free to let me know when you redeemed your code, and when you got your invite! If I get enough responses, I'll make an updated post so that those still waiting can get a sense of the timeline.

See you in-game!

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  1. I got in just before 9am eastern and I redeemed on July 21.